The Other Ana!!!!1

Here is our star of this wiki, Ana! Drawn by Ana herself in January 2016~

The Ultimate 2k16 Comeback! Edit

I'm back!!! After almost two years! I'm keeping the original stuff up, so yea. This is my official cringe-worthy wiki I made when I was a FNAF-fag. This wiki will be mixed with cringe, and some new things. Also, new rule. I am the only mod. And maybe Victoria. I am interested in Hetalia, Pokemon, Attack On Titan, and of course, drawing. The point of this blog WAS to make OCs, but you don't need to do that! You can make fanfictions, put some of your own articles... whatever crap you want to do. Well, have a fun, cringe-worthy time exploring this wiki!

Welcome To Ana Fazbear's Pizza!Edit

Hi! I am Ana! This is my official website, or wiki. I have an interest in MLP, Pokémon, Doctor Who, Anime, TDI, Creepypastas, and of course, FNAF! I have a youtube channel called AnaFazbear, and I post speedpaints on it. Well, the point of this blog is to make mlp/Pokémon/tdi/fnaf ocs and share them with me and everyone else! Moderators: Victoria, Jonnie(animejonnie), Kayla, Haley, Bella, and Me!

What We Are AboutEdit

Post MLP, Pokémon, TDI, and FNAF ocs on this page! Make fan episodes of my favorite subjects!

What We Are About in 2k16 Edit

Be free! Post random things!